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Leadership Skills

Decision Making, Moral Leadership

The principal objective of this course has been to get you comfortable in identifying moral problems in the workplace, analyzing them within a framework defined by a relevant ethical theory, and providing a clear and compelling judgment or recommendation. But beyond that intellectual enterprise lies the reality that the workpla

Good Leadership

Discuss each of the following characteristics as they relate to quality leadership: - Balanced commitment - Positive role model - Communication skills - Positive influence - Persuasiveness Analyze and explain which of these characteristics will be the most difficult to achieve for good leadership. Support your rationale

Need help finding an article for a Leadership class.

Help required in finding an article that relates to the following chapter attached. Class instructions: 1. Find an article that has been published (within the last four months) in 2014 that relates to the chapter assigned during class. 2. On one page (four paragraphs maximum), write a summation to include the follow


How can leadership distinguish a motivational problem from factors that affect an individual's performance? Question 4 Should health care providers/leaders always tell the truth to their patients/clients even if the truth may cause pain or distress? Question 5 To encourage teamwork and a culture of excellence, a new

GROUPTHINK: Creating the Decision Environment

Describe the symptoms of Groupthink and explain what techniques discussed in the source provided will address each one of them and how. If a symptom would not be addressed by any of the techniques, suggest another way the decision environment can be managed to reduce the chances of that symptom developing. Consensus seeking

Sources of Power

How has the gun industry prevailed against additional strengthened gun control laws? Provide thoughts on analyzing the issue from a power perspective. What can leaders learn from how the power dynamics are played out in this arena? Roig-Franzia, M. (2009.). A Battle of Goliaths: Michael Bloomberg and His Gun Control Group Ta

Understanding Foreign Employee Expectations

Do you think that multinational managers must understand subordinate expectations in order to lead effectively? For a country with high power distance, which leadership style would you recommend? Why?

What Makes a Transformational Leader?

Why you think that transformational leaders are similar regardless of cultural background or are there different types of transformational leaders for each cultural group?

Teambuilding project coaching

Imagine that you are a leadership teamwork consultant. The new manager of a company has hired you to create a new theme for the company's teamwork training. You will be working with nine (9) other team members. Your client, the new manager, has always coached individual members of a team in the past, but now the manager has

Rationality in Decision Making and Mental Models

I am struggling with understanding the mental model. When I read the material it just confuses me and I am really having a hard time understanding it. Can you explain to me what the mental model is? Here is a link to the material I had to read: For this

Leadership, Management, and Communication of Technical Projects

Lets say that Your company's IT department experiences a great deal of conflict in connection with its projects. There is a constant tension between finding new resources for important new projects and maintaining support resources to meet the operational needs of the existing systems. Can you discuss the following: •How c

Group Culture Discussion

Person opinion on these questions. A slew of research points to the fact that performance is significantly reduced in an individualistic culture in work team assignments. What is responsible for this? How should multinational managers address this phenomenon?

Personal Opinion on Dirty Tricks

Personal opinion on why dirty tricks might be unavoidable in cross-cultural negotiation. What are examples of dirty tricks? How are they inappropriate in international negotiation, and how should negotiators avoid them?

Ethical Considerations

Each person comes from a different sociocultural background even if the backgrounds are similar. As such, each person brings a separate set of beliefs and values that are reflected in his or her ethics. Organizations operate in much the same manner; each organization has various environmental influences that shape beliefs, value

Rationality in Decision Making

Does power inevitably corrupt the powerful? Need thoughts and ideas to write about. Haddock, V. (2006). Power is not only an aphrodisiac, it does weird things to some of us. San Francisco Chronicle, November 19, p. G-1. Retrieved from

Rationality in Decision Making

The collapse of the housing bubble and the mortgage crisis has led to severe repercussions felt throughout the national and global economy. Numerous businesses, from the smallest neighborhood grocery store to financial mega-powerhouses have been affected. Please give me some ideas using the following questions. I have provided

Failure of Leaders

As you grow into a leadership or management position, you are not only responsible for your behavior, but also the behavior of your team members. It is especially important that you and your team are exposed to the idea of failure and how it relates directly to leadership. Many people avoid situations in which they might fai

HR Performance Issues and Motivation

The relationship between the organization and its members can be greatly influenced by what motivates individuals to work. The style of leadership, job design, resources on the job, and environment can all have a significant effect on the satisfaction of employees and their performance. Performance is also influenced by individu

Organizational Culture Analysis

Describing the culture of either your current or past place of employment. Observable artifacts Espoused values (These are what organizational members say they value, like ethical practice.) Enacted values (These are reflected in the way individuals actually behave.) Describe how each item listed above impacts t


Interview your mentor or another organizational leader at an organization you select to determine their organization's approach and their leadership approach to employee motivation, employee engagement/satisfaction, and employee performance. Write an employee motivation plan that may be applied to a team in the organization.

What is Charismatic Leadership?

What is charismatic leadership? Describe many of the traits and behaviors of charismatic leaders? Explain the visionary component of charismatic leadership. Explain the communication style of charismatic leaders.

Challenge with Purpose: How Leaders Challenge Followers in a Meaningful Way

Leaders don't challenge for challenge's sake. It's not about shaking things up just to keep people on their toes. Individuals who criticize new thoughts and ideas or point out problems with the ideas of others without offering any kind of alternate options are not challenging the process. They are simply complaining. Leaders

The Christine Brooks Case

In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. In May of 2003, Christine Brooks faced a dilemma. She was tasked with consolidating the four branch offices she supervised. Factor in the different cultures and personalities of the offices, this would prove to be a daunting task. Christi

Patagonia's Business Vision

I am doing research on the company Patagonia and the CEO of the company Yvon Chouinard. I have never heard of the company but I've done a little research and really think the management style the founder believes in and has implemented is great and many other companies should follow. The questions I have been presented myself to

Situational Leadership Theory and Organizational Leadership

As the new top-level executive of a medium-sized corporation, you have noticed that the leadership culture in the organization has been ineffective, which has lowered employee morale. To change the leadership culture you have decided to discuss this issue with all the managers and supervisors in the organization. Prior to meetin