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Leadership Skills

Three Leadership Styles and Jack Welch

1) Provide 3 definitions of leadership (autocratic/autoritarian, democratic/participative, laissez-faire/delegative) within the context of global organizations. 2) Consider Jack Welch's leadership style and major characteristics. Does he embody the characteristics found in the definitions of leadership? Explain any similariti

Succession Planning

Effective organizations understand that leadership succession planning is essential to promote continuity and long-term organizational health. Select a recent article from current events (past 90 days) related to succession planning. Provide a paragraph summarizing the primary components of the article and a second paragraph pre

Organizational Politics Discussion

Although many people associate organizational politics in a negative light, it can be an effective strategy or one that causes dysfunction. Think of an organization you are familiar with (personally or through the media) and provide either an example of a successful (positive/ethical) application or organizational politics or an

New Department Director's Framework for Actions

As a new director of ambulatory care at HCMC, Dr. Davis, started to review issues in the hospital and it was clear that something was wrong. Everyday patients and families waited for hours to see a doctor in the emergency department. Although the department seems to be running smoothly the hospital was typically diverting ambul

Tactical Leadership vs. Organizational Leadership

This solution is a comparative assessment of tactical and organizational leadership. The author concludes that both entities are variant structures of leadership that conveniently intersect with strategical tactics.

Relating to Others through Similar Problems

Many individuals are called to certain professions due to their own life experiences from the past or something that significantly impacted their life. They are called to spread the word or to simply help others dealing with similar issues or problems. Sometimes the best way to help another person is by being able to relate to

Operational Plan for Designing Organizational Chart

Operational Plan Develop an operational plan for an organization of your choice. Create a fictional organization that includes the name, type of business, size of organization, and the product or service that the organization offers. The paper must be between 10-12 papers in length and include five scholarly sources, in addit

Union Analysis Based on the Movie "Hoffa"

This discussion is on Hoffa. Write a summary of the movie and provide analysis please, including: • What are the workers' working conditions? • What do workers hope to achieve by gaining union representation? • What is the union representation process? • Should the company attempt to avoid unionization? How wou


Leaders should avoid micromanagement. This act creates such a level of frustration that new and innovative ideas can die on the vine and never see the light of day. The leader that micromanages has a lot to learn about people and organizations. Do you agree with this statement?

leadership and followership graded assignment

Please help me to answer these questions. 1.Define leadership and followership. Distinguish between formal leadership and informal leadership. 2.Compare House's path-goal theory of leadership with the Situational Leadership model.

Benefits of Different Leadership Styles

Compare/contrast the following factors or behaviours: -relationship-oriented versus task-oriented behaviours -emotional intelligence versus cognitive Analysis of how those factors or behaviours contribute to leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Question

Why is speed to market so critical to product or service innovation? What other factors are critical to successful product performance? Please provide a reference.

Transformational Leadership

Research has shown that transformational leadership can lead to a positive impact on performance and behavior. Discuss how this occurs and provide an example of a leader you have worked with who has done this successfully or who could use transformational leadership to be more successful. For the example you select, be sure to p

Leadership Question

What is the best organizational structure to enable innovation? Please provide a reference.

Leadership Question

Why are organizations beginning to question planning models that have been successful in the past? Please provide a reference.

Leaders, Treatment of Employees and Loyalty

Leaders need to not only implement proper strategies, but they also need to treat their employees with great respect so that this will carry over into the employees' treatment of customers, which can only benefit the company. If employees feel you value their ideas and opinions, they are more likely to be loyal to the company. D

Dress code policy in an office

I used to work for an organization that had a very lenient dress code. It started out fine, most people dressed business causal, but within a year, it got way out of hand. Since we had a lot of clients fly in from out of state for trainings, and etc, it became very apparent that some rules needed to be put into place to ensure c

Does leadership in an organization make a difference?

Does leadership make a difference? Why or why not? Justify your opinion with examples from your personal experience and from research on the topic. Include in your response how leaders influence organizational performance and provide an example.

Pembina Pipeline Case Study

This question relates to the case study "Pembina Pipeline Corporation", by Ken Mark and Alexandra Hurst, from 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (Ivey Management Services, 2001), on page 238-241. The questions asked are: As Patrick Walsh, what would you do next? How would you structure your media release? What other ste

Analyze a root cause that is not well defined

Locate and review literature relevant to root cause analysis and answer the questions. - How will you analyze the root cause of a problem that is not well defined? - How do you get to the root cause of problems by focusing on the symptoms?Examine the process and analyze the root cause. APA Sixth Ed. Three pages.

Deliberate Planning Questions

Please help me to address the following questions - I need some assistance formulating initial ideas. - What are some similarities and differences between crisis action planning and deliberate planning? Give an example of each type of scenario. What happens in the Course of Action (COA) Development phase of Crisis Action

MBA Experience

•Develop a reading list to explore the concepts and topics that resonated with you during your MBA experience. •What can you do now to integrate the experiences and insights you had in your MBA experience with your personal and professional development goals?

Insights on Leadership

Please provide on insights on the following questions: 1. How should a leader be addressed by subordinates? Why? 2. Should a leader socialize with subordinates? To what extent? Why? 3. What are the hallmarks of a healthy, effective, efficient team? 4. How can a leader best build and maintain a strong team?

Motivating public sector employees

This Solution discusses how to motivate employees in the public sector. Ryan and Deci's Self-Determination Theory is explained as a tool to use in motivation.

Developing Effective Healthcare Management Practices

You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback. To correct this situati

Execution of Leadership Duties

Please assist with the following questions: 1. How watching leaders in the movie "A Few Good Men" might affect your perception or execution of your leadership duties. 2. Please assess and compare (pro or con - or do both) at least two leaders in the movie. Please also provide a relative side-by-side comparison of the lead