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Decision Making, Moral Leadership

The principal objective of this course has been to get you comfortable in identifying moral problems in the workplace, analyzing them within a framework defined by a relevant ethical theory, and providing a clear and compelling judgment or recommendation. But beyond that intellectual enterprise lies the reality that the workplace is frequently dominated by values that conflict with truth and justice. In such settings, voices and actions that reflect the results of moral reasoning require leadership, even heroism. Take the case of "whistleblowers."

•Do some research on this subject, provide an example (with a citation, of course), and offer your opinion on whether the whistleblower in the example was justified in his/her action or not.

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The example of a whistle blower is Sherron Watkins. She was Vice President Corporate Development at Enron Corporation. In August 2001, she wrote a memo ...

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The answer to this problem explains ethical dilemma and whistle-blowing. The references related to the answer are also included.