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A Leader's Road to Innovation

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Innovation is a mechanism for organizational development. Visionaries and entrepreneurs may endure challenges when introducing new concepts, however, future innovators can reap the rewards of success as long as hard work, longevity, and dedication are the primary mode of operation.

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The concept of innovation is to build a new product or service based on the necessities of the marketplace. An innovator critically examines competitive forces. He or she compares current trends and take every opportunity to create his or her own trends. Visionaries breed innovation; most often visionaries are individuals whose initial ideas were rejected several years before reaching success. Walt Disney, as one example, was rejected by his editor who claims Disney lacked creativity. The current success of Disney proves that his editor was terribly mistaken. Albert Einstein created and submitted his dissertation to enter Polytechnic in Zurich; unfortunately, the university rejected it many times. Einstein was apparently misunderstood, i.e. people had a difficult time accepting his unorthodox behavior, as is the case with many visionaries.

Oftentimes individuals do not understand the perspectives of visionaries, as a result, visionaries are not exempt from rejection. Steve Jobs, for example, revolutionized the technological world with the Mac, yet people disliked him because he was considered a stern leader. In a tribute blog dedicated to Steve Jobs, Kevin O'Leary acknowledges some key ideas that aspiring innovators can utilize such ...

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Some of the best innovators succumb to industry challenges prior to reaching the pinnacle of success. Every idea is not classified as the greatest innovative concepts. Leaders from the past and present realize the importance of working diligently until a desired outcome is achieved.