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Leader's Cultural Base and Innovativeness

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Do you think the leader's cultural base influences her/his ability to lead globally and does cultural base impact innovativeness?

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This solution discusses if a leader's cultural base influences his or her ability to lead globally, and how cultural base impacts innovativeness. Gives examples and APA formatted references.

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A leader's cultural base may influence his or her ability to lead globally in that "culture refers to a groups shared set of beliefs, norms and values" (NCBI, 2001: 48). Should a leader not broaden him or herself beyond his or her basic nationalistic culture, he or she may have difficulty expanding his or her mindset to understand and work with others. In research, the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Research Program (GLOBE) "has demonstrated that what is expected of leaders, what leaders may and may not do, and the status and influence bestowed on leaders vary considerably as a result of the cultural forces in the ...

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