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Voice Recognition Software & Productivity

DB #4 - How might speech recognition software influence corporate productivity?

What is speech recognition software? Based on research, discuss how this might influence corporate productivity. Give examples.

This response should be a minimum of 125 words and contain properly formatted research to support your opinion. This means that information that is directly quoted should have quotations around it, a properly formatted in text citation in the body of the paragraph, and a properly formatted reference at the end of the post.

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Speech recognition software offers users the opportunity to use their computer as a speech to text system, allowing notes to be taken at a faster rate. The premise is that one is able to work as fast as someone is able to talk, rather than relying on typing speed. Speech recognition software is helpful for those wanting to work hands-free, needing extra help with spelling, or trying to multi-task. Nuance, a ...

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This solution defines voice recognition software and describes how it can be used in increase corporate productivity. Includes APA formatted references.