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Leadership Skills

School Business Administrator Essay Questions

1. Explain how an administrator facilitates change within a school. 2. What personal characteristics define an outstanding school leader? 3. Explain the unique needs of the elementary level learner and give two examples of how the school can meet these needs. 4. Give an example of how you have (or would) develop a col

Cost-Benefit Ratio and HRIS

Identify what factors human resource managers would use in developing a cost-benefit ratio to support the decision to purchase future HRIS?

Technology for communication in business

Identify all the ways you have communicated using media or technology in the past week to collaborate virtually with someone. Identify how the presence of anonymity, physical appearance, distance, and time have had an effect on your virtual communication.

Discussing Communication Skills for Leaders

Of the following roles (task, social, individual), which role or roles do you typically assume in groups, teams, and meetings? Identify two task and two social roles you usually do not assume. Why don't you assume these roles?

A sample meeting agenda

Develop a meeting goal or goals and identify the sequence of agenda items. After you have written your agenda, write a brief explanation of why you structured your agenda as you did.

Structure and Strategy of an Annotated Bibliography

Prepare four new entries for your annotated bibliography. Two entries should concern the strategy of your organization, two should provide information about the structure of your organization. These sources will serve as the basis of your case analysis for this module.

Applying Motivation Theories To Global Business Settings

A seasoned leader or manager is familiar with motivation theories and have experience with their application theories. Propose the theory or theories of motivation that have the most universal applicability across global business settings. What are the inherent weaknesses in the theories that he or she has proposed?

Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Self-Development Plan (SDP)

There have been recent concerns about the confusion between the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and Self Development Plan (SDP) in the Department of the Army Civilian Workforce. The confusion stems from not understanding the details for the IDP and SDP. We will be introducing the characteristics of the IDP and the SDP. Then to

Effective Planning and Execution

Discuss how allocating your time makes your more effective as a leader. Elaborate on how sleeping, eating, working, studying, socializing, watching TV, health activities and family might make you a more effective leader.

Effective Time Management Techniques

Discuss the techniques you use to manage your time wisely. Explain how managing interruptions, prioritizing your work and identifying goals and objectives are useful for building time management techniques.

Techniques for managing time

Discuss the techniques you use to manage your time wisely. Explain how these three tips are useful for building time management techniques: manage interruptions, prioritize your work, and identify goals and objectives.

Statement of Intent for MBA

A one- to two-page, double-spaced essay to serve as a writing sample and statement of intent/interest in this academic EMBA (Executive MBA) program at a top level university. Current degree: B.Sc in Business Administration Current job: Business Development Manager (at a technology consulting firm) Support: None - Address

Applying for business development position

I need assistance with these 2 questions. Please answer them as if you were going to a job interview. Thank you! 1. Career Summary (10 bullet points to pique their interest that are related to this role): Role is: Business Development Manager for a (any) technology consulting firm 2. Why this role / company is of interest

Importance of Proofreading in Scholarly Writing

I am reflecting on discussions about experts and writing Walker (2003) also states that the most distinguishing feature separating scholars from content experts is that scholars have the ability to write more effectively. The writing part is critical. I often tell students to engage in pre writing (Brainstorming, researching,

Tranformational Leadership

In a 2-page paper, discuss a leader who you would consider to be transformational. You should write about (Jeff Bezos), Amazon leader In your paper, please respond to the following questions: 1 ◦What are the characteristics and qualities that leader possesses that makes you think he/she is transformational? 2 ◦How

Leadership and Conflict Resolution: Internal and External

Use the basic outline below as headers for your presentation. Organize your responses to each question (except Questions 1, 2, and 8) under the following slide headings: Role of the Chief of Staff (for Question 3) Public Leadership Theory (for Question 4) Public Leadership Styles (for Question 5) Public Leadership Trends (

Team Building and the Role of Managers

How does a better understanding of team-building help a manager be able better to organize a team, diagnose team problems, and handle complex team dynamics in an increasingly global business community?

Information Literacy in a Profession

Analyze how information literacy relates to each aspect of the scholarship, practice, and leadership model in a specific profession or discipline. Address the following: What would a leader look like with no scholarly background? What would a practitioner look like with no leadership skills? Reading material Badke, W.

Contrasting Leadership in 'A Few Good Men' & 'Twelve Angry Men'

Please answer the following questions in preparation for an essay comparing/contrasting two movies dealing with leadership. 1) State the title of each movie and summarize what each is about. Why did you select these two movies? How are they related to leadership? 2) Compare and/or contrast important leadership lessons,

Leadership and Conflict Resolution

1. Suggest one(1) theory, two (2) leadership styles, and two (2) leadership characteristics that define your strengths as a public leader when applied to situations that may arise within the sphere of public administration. 2. Determine the strategic manner in which you could use your Emotional IQ in order to move you from a

Strategic Management and Health Policy

How is strategic management different from health policy? Explain and illustrate the possible benefits of strategic management. What types of health care institutions may benefit most from strategic management?

Effective or Ineffective Leadership Strategies

Reflect on the following quote on critical thinking by Richard Paul and Michael Scriven. Critical thinking — in being responsive to variable subject matter, issues, and purposes — is incorporated in a family of interwoven modes of thinking, among them: scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, historical thinking, anth

Zappos.com Leadership and culture

Determined what type of leader would be best suited for Zappos.com. Thoroughly supported your position. Thoroughly determined what the change in culture would need to be in response to this situation.

Alan Mulally: type of leadership style

Explain why Alan Mulally was an effective and ethical leader? Give examples and relate to leadership theory. Which leadership style did he exercise? What things can be learned from his leadership that will help you within your own organization?

Leadership Styles and Developing Leadership Skills

How would you describe your own leadership style? In which situations is this style most beneficial? How did you come to adopt this leadership style? How has it helped or hindered you as a leader, and what do you hope to develop in terms of leadership skills?

Case Study: End Point Security Gets Complicated

Please see the attached case summary to complete the following: Summarize the most important elements of the "Wyoming Medical Center, Los Angeles County and Raymond James: End Point Security Gets Complicated" case in your own words. Identify what concepts presented in the case may be an issue or an area to address for other

Technologies with Large Impact on Business

DB #5 - Which technologies do you think will have the biggest impact on the business community? This response should be a minimum of 125 words and contain properly formatted research to support your opinion.

Voice Recognition Software & Productivity

DB #4 - How might speech recognition software influence corporate productivity? What is speech recognition software? Based on research, discuss how this might influence corporate productivity. Give examples. This response should be a minimum of 125 words and contain properly formatted research to support your opinion. This