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    Leadership goals with matrix

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    I have always been interested in the Leadership. Throughout my life I have been the type of person who enjoys helping others, and gets a sense of satisfaction from seeing people overcome obstacles. I am studying Management of Organizational Leadership.

    Currently, I work as a Program Manager. I also work a part-time job in a library helping students, but I also volunteer at my church as a greeter, nursery administrative person and I also work the Finance ministry. Taking courses in the Leadership program at the University of Phoenix would allow me to do this. The only way I can see that it would limit me would be if I was unable to do volunteer work that related to my program.

    My aspirations for this program are to be able to use it to become a Leader in my organization I like helping people in giving and sharing some knowledge. I feel that this enhanced capacities will enrich my personal and professional lives and the lives of others my work affects.

    The Mission Statement says the Univ of Phoenix was to help students gain knowledge and skills to achieve their professional goals., etc. which should be fairly easy for you to match up with your own goals.

    How the program shapes your future - you would be a Registered Nurse and be able to help people with your greatly enhanced skills. You could still do volunteer work in the community, using your gained nursing skills. You would join a new community of skilled nurses. You might lose some time with your family and friends on a temporary basis, and be less able to do "fun things" because of lack of time and extra money. You would gain the degree you desire and the ability to help people in a much more effective way.

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    I am outlining responses here for the questions. You will want to add your own input based on your experience and knowledge, since you are the owner of the life outlined. I am attaching the matrix separately and you will want to edit that to your satisfaction as well. Leadership comes from within and learning to identify strengths and weaknesses like communication will be important. Integrate those in the answers. The last two questions are more from your own perspective, but after answering the next to the last one, if you need help with the last, I can help. I will need the information from the next to the last question, but in reality if you answer that one, the branding will be relatively easy.

    • What features of your background led you to choose the particular elements in column 1?

    Each of my jobs have forced me to consider decisions and decision making in a variety of perspectives. As an employee of the government, both as in the Army and in my present job, I have to follow decisions made by others, sometimes without question and without understanding. As a wife and mother, these are reversed, though I have to consider my spouse in many and the outcomes for my family specifically in others.

    • As you review the completed table, what conflicts and relationships emerge?

    My personal life is sandwiched between two jobs where I have limited power, but in that life I have the power, as long as I use it wisely and for the good of my family and others, like my church family. It gives me an opportunity to examine the relationship ...

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    Using the matrix and supplied questions, a review of personal reflection of the student's goals for the leadership program.