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Leading Strategically for Developing Arguments

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Utilizing https://saylordotorg.github.io/text_mastering-strategic-management/ link, Write a 400 word paper does the following:

Develop arguments that one of the key issues discussed in this chapter (vision, mission, goals; assessing organizational performance; CEO celebrity; entrepreneurial orientation) is the most important within organizations. Provide rationale for your argument.

Based on the chapter discussed Howard Schultz and Starbucks on several occasions. Based on your reading of the chapter 2, how well has Schultz done in dealing with setting a vision, mission, and goals, assessing organizational performance, CEO celebrity, and entrepreneurial orientation?

Write a vision and mission for an organization or firm that you are currently associated with. How could you use the balanced scorecard to assess how well that organization is fulfilling the mission you wrote?

Support your responses with at least four scholarly sources.

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The response addresses the query posted in 608 words with APA references

//The discussion throws light on the various aspects of the organization like vision, mission, organizational performance and many more that need to be analyzed. In addition to this, the arguments and opinions of Schultz have been discussed that describes the vision, mission and goals of the organization. Apart from this, the vision and mission statements of the current organization have been discussed. At last, balanced scorecard and its ways of measuring performance have been discussed.//

In chapter 2, the vision, mission and goals of the organization are discussed in detail, and their importance has been focused. It has been evaluated that the strategic leaders need to ensure that their organization clearly defines the vision, which states the aspirations of the organization. Along with it, the mission statement should be highlighted, which reflects the role of the organization in the society. The goals of the organization aim to fulfill the mission and vision of the organization (Fairholm & Farber, 2009). Organizational performance refers to a multidimensional ...

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The expert examines leading strategies for developing arguments. The response addresses the query posted in 608 words with APA references.

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