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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills in Nursing

Describe a leader you have worked with that has shown compassion to you or a coworker. What were the circumstances? How was this leader moved by the situation? Explain the benefits of provision in servant leadership over the secular view of power. Relate this back to the nursing field.

The Department of Defense: Enlisting Open Source Applications

Please read the attached file and complete the following: 1. Summarize the case from the perspective of a company looking to do business with the DoD and their ability to use open source interfaces. 2. Analyze the use of open source software and compare and contrast it with platforms such as Windows and/or Apple's OS's. Why

Documentary Review: "The Corporation"

1) Watch the documentary, "The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power" is a Canadian documentary by Joel Bakan. Focusing on US corporations, the film traces their evolution "from a legal entity that originated as a government-chartered institution meant to affect specific public functions, to the rise of the m

Leadership challenges, strategies, and actions

1. Compare and contrast two to three (2-3) challenges of public leadership for elementary principals, secondary principles, and college presidents. Provide two to three (2-3) examples of such public leadership challenges. 2. Determine two (2) critical elements a public leader faces to achieve overall success in any agency. Prov

Team Conflict Mediation Techniques

Choose one of the team conflict mediation techniques (negotiation, role clarification, or start-stop-continue), and describe how you would use this technique to diffuse a team conflict situation.

Servant Leadership Philosophy

Resentment tears people and organizations apart. A servant leader focuses on leading and not dictating. Explain how you could transform feelings of resentment into a force for leading.

Starwood Hotel: Leadership

From the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) in Dubai, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:HOT) today announced it will open 35 hotels in the Middle East in the next three years, expanding its portfolio to over 80 hotels. Starwood will open seven new hotels in the Middle East this year, in both established and

Servant leader paradigm

Describe a time in your professional life when you felt used and manipulated. What were the circumstances? Did you feel valued by the leader? Explain how the issue of purpose, in the servant-leader paradigm, could have yielded a more beneficial outcome for the leader and yourself.

Efficiency and effectiveness

You are the department head and operational leader of an ambulatory health clinic that is a subsidiary of a large health system. The CEO of your health organization comes to your office and states that she is not happy with the efficiency of the new ambulatory clinic she does not believe that the new clinic is being effective. S

Leadership and Conflict Solutions

Two Questions: 1. Recommend a distributive, servant, or other leadership theory that a public leader could apply in order to resolve conflicts and implement change while working with external stakeholders. Conclude if your selected leadership theory holds true if it is applied to the Department of Defense, the United Way, or t

Leadership roles and conflict solution

Two Questions: 1. Examine the significant manner in which power struggles, bargaining, and conflict avoidance with medical staff may complicate the ability of a public leader to carry out the role and improve operations within a hospital. Propose two (2) styles that a public leader may take in order to mitigate such issues. In

Leadership and conflict solution

Defining The Public Leader (for Question 1) Leadership Theories (for Question 2) Leadership Styles (for Question 3) Explain in (4-5) pg : Determine two (2) leadership theories and two (2) leadership styles that support the definition of a public leader. Provide a rationale for your response. Assess the effectiveness of

Outsourcing Hospitals

Suggestions? You are the president of a multi hospital system that is growing at a rapid pace. There are strains on resources, and pressures to find new ways to achieve an economic scale in operations. In a meeting with the staff, a suggestion was made to look overseas for two services the system normally did internally. Th

Components of Feedback

I think one of he biggest obstacles of leadership, which is getting a group of diverse individuals working together to work toward a common goal. If I was the leader, I would begin building trust with the team by doing some form of team exercise. Through this exercise, I can find out the strengths/weakness of each team member in

Candor, Energy, and Optimism

Part one: Discussion: Candor, Energy, Optimism. Question 1: Discuss how leaders set the tone through their candor, energy and optimism. Question 2: Give examples of leading with candor from your experience or observations. Question 3: Share experiences where energy and optimism set the tone to energize a team. Question 4: R

Jack Welch Becoming a Leader

Part one: Discussion: Making Tough Decisions. Consider your experiences in building a team by discussing the following: Question 1: Give examples of tough people decisions and share your own experiences. Question 2: What are some benefits of letting people know where they stand? Question 3: How can you both give an

Leadership styles, traits, and applications

1. Imagine that a small-town school system has appointed a new, but experienced, superintendent of schools. The school system is experiencing serious problems: worsening grades, budget cuts, increased vandalism, and low morale among the teachers. Suggest one (1) theory, two (2) styles and two (2) leadership characteristics that

Leadership Theories: Effectiveness, Change, and Safety

1. Select four leadership theories (Path-goal, leader-member exchange, contingency and situational theory) 2. Compare and contrast these theories using the following questions as a guideline: -Effectiveness. How does it serve its purpose and help leaders achieve desired results? -Organizational change. In which way do the

Secular Views of Leadership

In the secular approach to leadership, there is an inherent belief that hard work will get you to the top and guarantee success. Think of a time in your professional life when this has proven to be true. What were the circumstances? How much influence did you have on the outcome? How do your responses compare to the views of ser

Uncovering Leadership Styles

Write an analysis of the Sheri McCoy's leadership style and the impact of that style on the organization that includes the following: 1. An analysis of the leadership style of your selected leader, according to an existing leadership style theory. 2. An analysis of the health of that leader's organization, based upon media

Ethnocentrism and Values-based Leadership

1) Discuss ethnocentrism and its effect on an organization. 2) Describe values-based leadership. Be sure to discuss the factors that contribute to a leader's ethical stance.

Pursuing an MBA Degree

I landed my first internship as an insurance claims analyst. I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in business and would like to become a manager/leader within my organization. I have an assignment to write an 800 word essay about why I want to pursue an MBA degree/how an MBA degree would be beneficial in my career goals. I am a sop

Leadership & Conflict Resolution

Three Questions: 1. Speculate upon the degree in which styles of leadership have influenced public leaders during the Carter, Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations. Support your response with two (2) examples of instances of such influence. 2. Take a position on whether personal mastery of the four (4) elements of emotio

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Learning about leadership in organizations. Based on my limited experience in the workforce, I have several questions about leadership and change implementation. Below are a few of the questions at this time. This will allow me to better understand. What makes a great leader and what are the qualities needed? How does a l

Business Writing with a Winning Attitude

Directions: In a new Word doc (for online students) or on paper, rewrite the following sentences to incorporate the you attitude. A Example: I am pleased to inform you that you won a prize. Revised: Congratulations! You have won a prize. 1. We received your shipment of modems yesterday. 2. I need you to confirm thes

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

An employee feels that he/she has been discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. What, if any, law is available to protect the employee against such discriminatory animus? Can Title VII be utilized for protection? Should Title VII be amended to specifically include protection against discrimination based on sexua

Diversity and Equality in the Workplace for Women

Read the article, "The On-the-Ground Reality of Women Leaders." http://www.forbes.com/sites/hbsworkingknowledge/2013/04/17/the-on-the-ground-reality-of-women-leaders/ Based on the content of this article and your personal experiences answer the following questions: -what do believe are the major challenges facing diversity