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LMX Theory and Path-Goal Theory

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I need help with this scripture. And they said to him, "Grant us to sit, one at your right hand and one at your left, in your glory." Jesus said to them, "You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, or to be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized?" And they said to him, "We are able." And Jesus said to them, "The cup that I drink you will drink, and with the baptism with which I am baptized, you will be baptized, but to sit at my right hand or at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared." Mark 10:37-40 (ESV)

in 200 words please. Can you explain using this quote referenced above what similarities from this story in the Bible might you relate to both Path-Goal and LMX leadership theories?
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LMX theory and path-goal theory is examined.

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This passage basically means that Jesus must set the narrative and prepare the table before the disciples could set at his side on the left or the right. Therefore, in relation to the business model, business leaders have to be direct about leading their employees and set forth the path before they can establish their position as leaders within ...

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