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    Synthesizing contemporary views of leadership

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    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper critically analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing contemporary views of leadership. Base your analysis and evaluation from your Week 5 paper, Week 6 PowerPoint, the additional journal articles, and videos presented.

    Include the following in your paper:

    Select a specific context or criterion to analyze contemporary leadership theories or views.
    Suspending personal bias, describe the conclusions you drew from your critical analysis, using well-reasoned judgments.
    What would your model of contemporary leadership evolve to if designed for your company?

    Use a minimum of five references to support the criteria, assumptions, or context of your evaluation. References should be course readings, peer-reviewed articles, journals, and scholarly literature located in the University Library.
    week 6 you use Steve Jobs and Cook. Week 5 was Analyze Contemporary Views of Leadership.

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    // Leadership refers to the activity of leading a person, group or entity. In the era of globalization, the need for adopting an effective leadership style has become important. It supports an organization to perform the business tasks in the most appropriate manner. The leader uses his leadership skills and styles to ensure effective productivity and output from the people under him. In this context, the present research work is based on the selection of a particular leadership style, which is transformational leadership style that fits a specific context.//

    In today's world, there are various developments taking place within seconds. The change in technology has a major impact on every organization in the business world. In this context, it has become essential for the organizations to adopt such leadership style that fits in the changing business scenario. In the dynamic world, the need for adopting the best leadership style has increased as it has a direct impact on the outcomes of the business (Judge & Piccolo, 2004). It is beneficial to adopt the transformational leadership style in such business era as under this leadership style the leader identifies the need for adopting the change and creates a vision to guide the change through inspiration. This leadership style helps to bring positive changes in the followers and motivate them in the positive direction.

    Transformational leadership style helps to generate a vision for the business and inspire the followers to fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization by facing the challenges. The leader sets the higher values for his followers, which they have to achieve. It even develops the feeling of loyalty and trust among the followers (Jung, Chow & Wu, 2003). The concept of transformational leadership can be supported with the help of trait theory, which is based on the identification of main traits and skills possessed by a leader. The main traits of a leader are alertness to the social environment, assertiveness, adaptable to situations, dependable, persistent, cooperative, ambitious and achievement-orientated. In addition to this, the other traits are tolerant of stress, decisive, self-confident, dominant (desire to influence others), responsible and energetic (high activity level). The skills include creative, fluent in speaking, clever (intelligent), persuasive, conceptually skilled, socially skilled, diplomatic and tactful, organized (administrative ability) and knowledgeable about the group task. The constructive information about leadership can be gathered with the help of this theory. People at every level of an organization can utilize the information gathered from the theory. This theory focuses on the ways in which managers in the organization can make their position stronger in the organization. The ...

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