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    Research Methods Used in a Leadership Article

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    Did the study discuss the survey instrument used, Lisa? Was it created and validated by the researchers, or did the researchers use a pre-existing survey?

    You answer my posting which was number# 610086 which was this question:
    ◾Go to the contents of any current (2001-present), peer-reviewed leadership journal; find any topic that is receiving increased emphasis by researchers. Describe the topic in one paragraph, including a brief overview of methodology. What are the implications of the increased emphasis for future research?

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    This is based on the article Yun, et.al (2007). Here, the survey instrument used and Was it created and validated by the researchers; will be analysed.
    Survey Instrument
    This study used the survey instrument and also has a discussion for this method of collecting data to some extent. In the article; it is specified that authors conducted a survey at a large defense firm, located in the mid-Atlantic United States. It divided the sampling unit of the survey in two major ...

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    This post provides guidelines related to how research methods used in a selected article can be identified and analysed. This response basically focuses upon survey instrument used and its validation in the study.