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Leadership Skills

Justify hiring a Professional Fundraiser

Can someone please provide me some assistance with this question. It is for a graduate level MBA course. It needs to be between 300 to 325 words. If you are an Executive Director, how do you justify to your board of directors your request to hire a professional fundraiser? Assume the organization does not have that position now.

principle based ethics

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which hit the greater New York area in November 2012, the news was full of examples of price gouging—gasoline for $4 per gallon, a loaf of bread for $7, double rates for motel rooms, and on and on. This is a frequent response by retailers in the wake of natural disasters. The retailers invo

Values of a good leader

Select 10 most important values from the following list, and then rank-order those 10 from the most important and 1 to least important. Howa person's approach to leadership might be influenced by having different "highest priority" values. The values are: Achievement, Activity, Advancement, Adventure, Aesthetics, affiliation,

Social Media Technology: Pros and Cons

I am looking for a recommendation in the business world on the adoption of an online social technological tool and its content. (Videos, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.....etc.) Your management has asked you to make a recommendation on their adoption of an online social technological tool and content. Describe your work

Task vs Relationship Leadership

There have been many studies completed on the different styles of leadership. One of the most important ones focused on if a leader is "task focused" or "relationship focused." For this SLP, you will complete a short survey and then will analyze your results. Required Reading Refer to the required and optional readings on

Power and Ethics in Organization

Share an example (good or bad) of how power and ethics were mixed in an organization. How do ethics impact power? Does power necessarily erode ethics? Compare and contrast your personal experiences.

Toxic Leadership Discussion

Please answer the following two questions to be used as a tutorial for my ethics class 1. If I am perceived to be an ethical leader, am I an ethical leader? Why or why not? What happens when perception and reality are not congruent? 2. How are ethics and leadership related? Can a toxic leader be an ethical leader? Why or

Leadership is Art and Science

I need help with what type of information or style I should use to write this: 'Leadership is both an art and a science. Explain in detail.'

Challenges inhibiting entreprenuers

What are some (3) challenges of being an entrepreneur, and how do you strategize to overcome them? What are the (3) coordination methods for organizational integration. Give examples Summarize management skills/practices to manage a company globally.

Project Management Leadership: Situation Analysis

When we talk about groups within any organization, do you think leaders should be assigned before a project begins or should leaders emerge once the project is underway? Are there +'s and/or -'s to this approach? why or why not? Also, is there a specific type of group that uses this approach? If so, why or why not?

Leadershiip Training and Gender Roles

Can you explain why you might decide to play to the stereotypes of how women and men may tend to lead, instead of training them all the same. Is there a reason for this? In your experience do you feel this dichotomy really does exist? Why or why not?

Informal and Formal Leadership

Can you explain why peers are more willing to collaborate with each other when there is trust? Is this something you have observed or is there a source which supports your idea? In terms of the "greater formal status" of the leader, what happens if the leader is not one with the formal status, but an informal leader? Does this m

Incremental Changes in Perspective

The Eames film shows incremental changes in perspective as the camera moves in or out by a factor of 10. How does this metaphor apply to the dynamics within an organization for which you work or with which you are familiar? As you change perspective moving up or down the organizational structure, how does the "view" change? At w

Types of leadership style

Identify the type of leadership style that you are most personally comfortable along with the name of a leader that typifies this style. How would the leadership style you most closely respond to affect organizational behavior in a large food manufacturing company like Nabisco with hundreds of employees?

Successfully Managing in a Foreign Country

Your company has just hired your foreign friend to work in a middle-management position. Since you have lived in the United States for many years, your friend believes that you understand job coaching for a traditional American company. She wants to work with you and has many questions—some of which concern the manner in which

Nissan Motor Case Analysis

Help me understand Nissan motors from this perspective. How would you describe the context into which Carlos Ghosn was thrown when he was recruited in 1999 to turn around Nissan? How would you describe Ghosn's leadership style? How would you measure Ghosn's approach to leading change? How effective was he? To what extent

Leadership Theory Taxonomy Paper Outline

Give an outline for a paper that explains in detail each theory listed in the taxonomy of leadership by synthesizing multiple scholarly references and examples. Include: - Five peer-reviewed scholarly resources - Specific examples of two of the four theories drawn from personal experiences or scholarly literature

Apple Inc: Leadership Style

Research a company, then answer the following questions. Which of the classical leadership styles exemplifies this company? What is the added value of this leadership style? What impact does this leadership style have on the organization's overall image? Contrast this leadership style with United Airlines,

Effective leadership and collaboration in organizations

Hesburgh is cited as having stated that "wherever it (leadership) exists, moral flourishes, people pull together toward common goals, spirits soar, order is maintained, not as an end in itself, but as a means to move forward together." Please choose one aspect of this statement and discuss in detail how it may or not be true. B

A Leader's Road to Innovation

Innovation is a mechanism for organizational development. Visionaries and entrepreneurs may endure challenges when introducing new concepts, however, future innovators can reap the rewards of success as long as hard work, longevity, and dedication are the primary mode of operation.

The importance of emotional intelligence in organizational leadership

Explain why it is important to develop personal and social competence through emotional intelligence. Apply one or more of these competencies to a situation in regards to the U.S. Navy. Briefly explain the situation and describe how the competency applies to the Navy. List any and all references used.

Leadership and Philosophy

1. You have been selected to take command of a unit with a mission similar to the one you are currently in. You are in a meeting with the Commander and he makes the following statement: Tell me what your leadership philosophy is for this organization? How did you come to that philosophy? What traits and leadership characteristi

Decision Making, Moral Leadership

The principal objective of this course has been to get you comfortable in identifying moral problems in the workplace, analyzing them within a framework defined by a relevant ethical theory, and providing a clear and compelling judgment or recommendation. But beyond that intellectual enterprise lies the reality that the workpla

Good Leadership

Discuss each of the following characteristics as they relate to quality leadership: - Balanced commitment - Positive role model - Communication skills - Positive influence - Persuasiveness Analyze and explain which of these characteristics will be the most difficult to achieve for good leadership. Support your rationale

Need help finding an article for a Leadership class.

Help required in finding an article that relates to the following chapter attached. Class instructions: 1. Find an article that has been published (within the last four months) in 2014 that relates to the chapter assigned during class. 2. On one page (four paragraphs maximum), write a summation to include the follow


How can leadership distinguish a motivational problem from factors that affect an individual's performance? Question 4 Should health care providers/leaders always tell the truth to their patients/clients even if the truth may cause pain or distress? Question 5 To encourage teamwork and a culture of excellence, a new

GROUPTHINK: Creating the Decision Environment

Describe the symptoms of Groupthink and explain what techniques discussed in the source provided will address each one of them and how. If a symptom would not be addressed by any of the techniques, suggest another way the decision environment can be managed to reduce the chances of that symptom developing. Consensus seeking

Sources of Power

How has the gun industry prevailed against additional strengthened gun control laws? Provide thoughts on analyzing the issue from a power perspective. What can leaders learn from how the power dynamics are played out in this arena? Roig-Franzia, M. (2009.). A Battle of Goliaths: Michael Bloomberg and His Gun Control Group Ta

Understanding Foreign Employee Expectations

Do you think that multinational managers must understand subordinate expectations in order to lead effectively? For a country with high power distance, which leadership style would you recommend? Why?