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    Manager vs Leader/ Qualities of Internal Consultant

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    Considering that all leaders must be on board with the project before anything happens. Perhaps a good consultant can help senior leadership such as a CEO communicate and organize the process with vice-presidents or directors. A good candidate from within the organization with a strong rapport with middle level managers can be very influential.

    What are the leadership qualities that a good internal consultant should have to be successful? What are some management skills? Is management and leadership the same thing or are they different?

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    A good internal consultant must be able to skillfully identify a company's vision through the interaction with senior management and knowledge of the marketplace. To be successful, the consultant must be able to work with others. This includes the ability to listen to the senior leadership. There is a back and forth dialog that must take place in order to ensure a mutual understanding of the direction of the organization, the organization's strengths and weaknesses. It is important that an internal consultant is aware of the external ...

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    This solution describes the leadership and management qualities for a good internal consultant. It also discusses the difference between leadership and management and includes APA formatted references.