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    Contrasting Leaderships: A Few Good Men and Twelve Angry Men

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    Please answer the following questions in preparation for an essay comparing/contrasting two movies dealing with leadership.

    1) State the title of each movie and summarize what each is about. Why did you select these two movies? How are they related to leadership?

    2) Compare and/or contrast important leadership lessons, concepts, perspectives, etc., from both movies.

    3) How can military leaders use the lessons in these two movies to develop themselves as leaders? Who would you recommend the movies to and why?

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    1) Twelve Angry Men is about a jury which must decide the fate of a 19 year-old boy charged with murder. The movie takes place almost entirely in a jury deliberation room. The entire jury immediately is prepared to enter a guilty verdict and be on with their lives, however, one juror of the twelve, Juror 8, makes a stand for what he feels is right and then starts to build consensus by considering the evidence in the case which he feels brings into question whether or not there was sufficient evidence to prove the boy was actually guilty of murder or whether there was just circumstantial evidence. By examining the evidence from the trial and discussing it with his fellow jurors, Juror 8 is able to bring the jury around to a "Not Guilty" consensus.

    A Few Good Men is a movie about two marines that are being court-martialed for killing a fellow marine who had been seen as a troublemaker by his superiors. As the trial goes forward, the defense tries to show that the two marines acted under the authority of their commanding officers who had ordered a "Code Red" which is a form of off-the-record discipline to bring wayward marines into line. The trial (and the movie) reaches a crescendo when defence attorney, Lieutenant Kaffee cross-examines Colonel Jessop, the ...

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    This solution discusses contrasting leadership styles between 'A Few Good Men' and 'Twelve Angry Men'.