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    Organizational Change and Organizational Learning

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    How does organizational learning connect with change?

    What are strategies to involve others in planning organizational change?

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    'Learning' always precedes 'Change', and for that matter organizational learning and organizational change can also happen simultaneously. It is important for us to note that there is a process to both organizational learning and organizational change. According to Figure 1 below, let us consider three stages in which learning can be promoted: 1) Improvement, 2) Recording and 3) Knowledge.

    1. Improvement: Learning as improvement can happen in terms of employee performance growth and overall performance growth of the organization. Success can be measured by comparing annual ...

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    Organizational change can be achieved by working as a coherent team towards a common goal. This goal is defined and planned in accordance with the customer needs and organizational competence. An organization can leverage on the various learning opportunities that become part of its existence.