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Organizational knowledge

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In your opinion, how should managers utilize organizational learning and knowledge to better construct work systems? What type of framework would you propose for the management of organizational learning?

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Okay, the questions starts with "In your opinion" and that is what I am giving, based on my education and seventeen years of experience in a bureaucratic organization:

1. Organizational learning and knowledge is an excellent tool for leaders and managers to improve organizational performance. In order to improve performance, organizational learning and knowledge should be applied appropriately. Learning organizations and organizations that have systems to promote the creation and conversion of knowledge are more adaptive. Adaptive organizations respond appropriately and timely to changing demands in their environment. Like a good leader, organizations need to be adaptive and approach knowledge management contextually.

How does a leader use organizational learning and knowledge to improve performance? For me there are three components that need to be used in order to build better work systems: assessment, communication, and adaptation. Leaders and managers need to assess the environment - both the internal and external environment of the organization. Employees are a key in gaining and sharing knowledge. Once knowledge has been obtained, good leaders will reflect on how this can impact the organization. They reflect on the knowledge ...

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This solution offers a brief discussion on how to use organizational knowledge to improve work systems.

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