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Organizational Knowledge Equivalent Individuals in Organizations

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Is organizational knowledge basically equivalent to the knowledge possessed by the individuals in the organization? Or is there maybe something rather different involved? Are there aspects of managing organizational knowledge that go beyond -- and maybe even sometimes conflict with -- managing individuals who embody that knowledge?

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Update 6/15/2011: With this answer now being 2 years old, it has come to my attention that the first link provided is no longer functional. For information on organizational knowledge try this one: http://gbr.pepperdine.edu/2010/08/managing-organizational-knowledge/ instead.

View this powerpoint: www.stcatlanta.org/handouts/org_knowledge.ppt

That's a very well-done ppt I found that describes exactly what organizational knowledge is. The quick answer to what they said is: ...

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The solution starts off with a link that details exactly what organizational knowledge is and is not. Once that is addressed, the solution looks at each question posed by the student and provides some hypothetical instances that cause the student to think critically about the questions posed.