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Marshall Metro High School

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1. Read the case study titled "School Officials from Marshall Metro High School Attempt to Motivate Students & Teachers to Achieve Higher Performance" and write a one to two paragraph summary of the case.

2. Which needs contained in Maslow, Alderfer, and McClelland's theories are likely to motivate teachers to higher levels of performance. Explain your reasoning.

3. To what extent is Marshall's attempts to motivate students and teachers consistent with both equity and expectancy theory? Explain.

4. You have just been hired as principal at Marshall Metro High School. Outline a plan to motivate students to attend classes and study based on the four types of reinforcement outlined in the text. Provide specific recommendations and examples for each of the four types of reinforcement.

*At least 200 words per question*

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1. The case is that school officials from Marshall Metro High School Attempt to motivate students and teachers to achieve higher performance. The case study begins with the attendance clerk calling a habitual late comer Barbara MeMe Diamond who was in the habit of oversleeping. Calling students who had not checked in by 9.30 am produced unsatisfactory results, so the attendance officials decided to call the students who were habitually late by calling them 7.15 am in the morning. The call woke up the student and ensured that she turned up in time for school. The district officials are collecting data, evaluating schools, and applying the data. The district is also spending money to improve the performance of the schools. The efforts at Marshall are paying and attendance at the school is improving. In addition the efforts are also improving scores on standardized tests. Pressures to improve performance often led to tweaking of data. Teachers altered student grades to improve data. Marshall had been targeted because it had the lowest attendance rate. Half of its students were dropouts, and only 3% passed state proficiency exams. Marshall took action such as more training for teachers. In addition, it used unconventional teaching methods, used incentives to improve attendance, and hired advocates to cruise neighborhoods searching for students. The school also focused on students that were chronically absent and increased their attendance.

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