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    Brand Extensions: Opinion

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    Can you give me 2-3 paragraphs of your own opinion of brand extensions?

    No citation, only opinion.

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    Brand extensions can be either a form of manipulation or an exercise in sound economic judgment. They capitalize on a well known brand name to pitch an entirely new world of products and services. The purpose is to associate, in the mind of the consumer, the trust they place in the original product with that of the spin-off.

    Under certain circumstances, this makes both moral and economic sense. If the spin-off product is very close to the original, then the trust is not misplaced, and the manipulation-factor becomes less important. For example, Marshall amplifiers, probably the best known in the music industry, can approach product extensions in two ways. The legitimate way is ...

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    This solution provides an expert opinion on brand extensions as they regard business ethics and outlines the two distinct types of brand extensions. The solution also provides a detailed example to illustrate the point of the article.