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Differences between Leaders and Managers

If managers are satisfied when things go smoothly, and leaders are dissatisfied when things do not change for the better. How should the leaders interact with the managers to have them follow and implement the core element (the change) of their leadership?

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Although leadership and management should go hand in hand, it is inevitable that some managers are not good leaders while leaders may not be good managers, too. Here are a few of the differences between managers and leaders according to Bennis in his book, On Becoming a Leader:
- Manager - administers; Leader - innovates
- Leader - original; Manager - copy
- Manager - maintains; Leader - develops
- Focus: Manager- systems, structure; Leader - people
- Manager - control; Leader - trust
- Perspective: Manager ...

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389 words and references explain how a manager is satisfied with good performance while a leader strives for improvement. Includes Kottler's 8-Steps Change Model and how leaders can influence managers and employees to develop leadership skills.