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Paradoxical Thinking

Please give a detailed response to each question.

1. Provide an example of a company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking?
2. Can one learn paradoxical thinking and discuss the reason why?
3. Paradoxical thinking is one of eight skills related to intelligence why is it is probably the least used?
4. How can management and leadership utilize paradoxical thinking to improve the organization?

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Paradoxical Thinking

Example of company that demonstrates paradoxical thinking is Google. Google has changed the boundaries of internet by efficiently responding to changing demands of customers. It gained top position in search engines and ever since Google has ensured that paradoxical thinking is ingrained in all business operations. Employees of Google have also successfully adopted the concept of paradoxical thinking. They demonstrate their creativity and innovative ideas to the management and the one which are found to be worth creating a mark are implemented.
Paradoxical thinking is thinking out of the box and doing an in-depth analysis of contradictions. ...

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