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Organizational Change and Process

Five page paper include references page address organizational processes and change.

Using the five steps in the organizational process

When considering the concept of authority in organizational management, please evaluate how authority influences and fosters change in an organization.

Include an explanation for why people resist change and what managers can do to overcome the resistance.

Provide at least one example of an organization that went through a significant change. Assess how that change impacted the organizational culture (if at all).

Include in-text citations and references for at least three scholarly sources

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We first consider the five steps in the organizational process. The first step is the identification of tasks. The relevant tasks are identified on the bases of the objectives of the organization. In many cases several tasks have to be performed to achieve the objectives of the business. The second step is the grouping of the jobs. Once the activities or tasks have been identified, the related tasks and the jobs required to perform them have to be grouped. This is done in the form of a division or a department. The third step is to assign the work. The tasks and activities have to be given to the relevant departments. Suitable people have to be appointed for each task. The most qualified person and the person with the greatest experience in the area is made the head of the department or the manager. The fourth step is delegation of authority. When work is assigned to some persons he must be provided authority to do the work effectively. The delegation of work must be balanced with the authority allotted. Unless authority is allotted, the person who has been assigned the work cannot do the work. The fifth step is coordination. Even though each work in an organization is related, it is independent. There is a need for coordination among departments. For example, if the marketing department gets orders, these orders must be fulfilled in a timely and accurate manner by the production department. Similarly, the finance department has to make funds available for financing the execution of the order.

Authority refers to institutionalized and legal power in a position. Authority is the power that is delegated formally. For example, the board of directors of a corporation delegates several powers formally to the CEO of the company. Authority is gives the person a right to command a situation, give orders and expect that the orders will be obeyed, and commit resources. For example, the head of the production department has the authority to assign funds for repair or replacement of machinery on the shop floor. The authority allows the person to carry out his responsibilities. Continuing with the example, the authority of the production manager to assign funds for replacement or ...

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