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Organizational Change Model

There are many different models of organizational change. Each has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the organizational development specialist to match the specific model to the current needs of the organization.

Research the models of organizational change, choose 1 model, and address the following:

- Describe the principles and foundation of the model.
- Explain how the model is used in organizations.
- Discuss the model's strengths and weaknesses.
- Using an example of how the model is applied, discuss your recommendations for when you would use this model to address organizational change.

Write using APA style and references.
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I am providing an example of a model or organizational change. I am including some information on the reasons people resist change and how this model specifically addresses some of the concerns. Remember, I am just providing you with a better understanding of the topic and you should not copy and use my work. I am also including a website where you can learn more about the change model and two books that are excellent resources on organizational leadership and theory. I hope you find this informational helpful. Good luck with your studies.

There are many theories or models to help implement change in an organization. Many scholars believe that the true goal of leadership is to promote successful and effective change within an organization (Burns, 2003). The key to organizational change is to reduce employee resistance and encourage commitment to the change process (Yukl, 2006). Employees resist organizational change for a number of reasons that include:

? Trust issues: ...

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This solution discusses the Six Change Approach to organizational change. It also includes some reasons why individuals resist change.