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Positive Leadership: Envisioning the Future

Leaders begin with the end in mind by imagining what might be possible. Finding a common purpose inspires people to want to make that vision. As a leader, why do you think this is important?
Simply put, to become a leader, you must be able to envision the future. The speed of change doesn't alter this fundamental truth. People want to follow only those who can see beyond today's problems and visualize a brighter tomorrow. As a leader, why do you think this is important?

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It is imperative for leaders to foresight for "the end game" in order to inspire others. In the workplace, a leader must know the benefits of the common goal everyone is working towards. Leaders must be able to explain "what's in it for me" when trying to inspire the masses. For example, if an organization wants to institute mandatory overtime, versus hiring more employees, the successful leader will know how to communicate this to subordinates in a manner which inspires employees. This may be achieved by knowing the mandatory overtime is temporary, perhaps to cover a "peak" cycle in the organization's business calendar. If ...

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This solution is over 400 words and includes two parts. The first provides an analysis and practical work example on why it is vital for leaders to envision the future. If leaders cannot envision what will happen, why should people "blindly" follow them? The next portion addresses how leaders can facilitate change. Anything "new" can be scary and positive leadership can help ensure there is little, if any, discord during a change initiative.