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The Appreciative Inquiry

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The definition of Appreciative Inquiry is discussed as an introduction. A situation is presented wherein a company solves conflict management issues through the use of Problem Solving Technique. Another solution is presented on how the problem could have been solved using the Appreciative Inquiry.

Labor Studies - Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Provide an example of how you would use AI effectively in "real life." Discuss a situation in which you used a problem solving approach that might have been more effectively resolved and led to a transformation using appreciative Inquiry (AI).

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A firm specializes in dealing with difficult conflict in organizations: labor-management issues, gender conflict, issues of diversity. The organization has been retained by a large corporation for the past years to address an issue on sexual harassment. Numbers of complaints were addressed, lawsuits, evaluations from sexual harassment training programs, word of mouth and all types of seminars and workshops being done; however, the problem continues in its growth.

This solution uses the appreciative inquiry (AI) to break down and resolve the scenario using: "discover," "dream," "design," and "destiny." This solution is approximately 383 words.

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The Definition of Appreciative Inquiry according to Wikipedia:

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a organizational development process or philosophy that engages individuals within an organizational system in its renewal, change and focused performance.
Appreciative Inquiry was developed by David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University. It is now a commonly accepted practice in the evaluation of organizational development strategy and implementation of organizational effectiveness tactics.
Appreciative Inquiry is a particular way of asking questions and envisioning the future that fosters positive relationships and builds on the basic goodness in a person, a situation, or an organization. In so doing, it enhances a system's capacity for collaboration and change.[1] Appreciative Inquiry utilizes a 4-stage process focusing on:
1. DISCOVER: The identification of organizational processes that work well.
2. DREAM: The envisioning of processes that would work well in the future.
3. DESIGN: Planning and prioritizing processes that would work well.
4. DESTINY (or DELIVER): The implementation (execution) of the proposed design.[2] [3]
The basic idea is to build organizations around what works, rather than trying to fix what doesn't. It is the opposite of ...

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