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Hofstede Country comparison

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Choose a country other than your own.  Identify and describe some of the major elements that were reported in this week's web Hofstede reading.  How do you think such elements would compare within your own country?  Provide specific examples of how leadership practices in your country differ from that of your chosen country.

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The Hofstede Center (n.d.) 'Countries'. Retrieved from http://geert-hofstede.com/countries.html

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The Hofstede website offers country to country comparisons regarding patterns of thinking that influence various cultural dimensions. I chose to compare Brazil with my own country, the United States.

First, Brazil has a much higher Power Distance dimension to that of the United States, and as such they are quite different. In Brazil, they believe in the importance of hierarchical structure and that the boss has complete responsibility. They have strong respect for elders, and care for them accordingly. In addition, they accept the differences in class and think they are justified and that more power means more benefits. The US, on the other hand, believes in more equality. Higher vs. lower positions in a company can talk freely with one another and that ...

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This solution discusses the similarities and differences between Brazil and the United States regarding various dimensions of the Hofstede Country Comparison. It also points out specific examples of the differences in leadership practices.

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Cultural Dimension Comparison of US and another country

The two countries will be the United States and another country of your choice.

Information of a historical, political, economic, or social nature that helps to explain the values and placement on the various cultural dimensions will be helpful. Your results will be presented in a written report.

We want to educate ourselves about particular cultures, and how the managerial task is performed in those cultures. It is important that the linkage between certain cultural values and management approaches be explained. Therefore, look to identify the key values of the culture and specific examples of how they translate into specific ways of conducting business in that country.

The evaluation will consider the substance, style and effectiveness with which the material is presented to the rest of the class. The written report should include any useful statistics.

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