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Business Management - Leadership Effectiveness

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1. What impact do you think Brenda's tweeting will have on her leadership effectiveness?

2. What do you think of the political effectiveness of sending the same tweet to several workers?

3. What suggestions might you offer Brenda for making even more effective use of Twitter as a leadership tool?

Case Study

Brenda is the director of claims processing in a business process outsourcing company that specializes in taking care of the payroll and benefits administration for small and mid-size companies. Her manager, the CEO, has told Brenda that her leadership skills are satisfactory, but it would be better if she had a bigger impact on the employees in her area of responsibility. "Touch their lives more; be a bigger influence," the CEO told Brenda. "It's up to you to figure out how."
In thinking about potential tactics, Brenda thought of having a bigger impact on her direct reports, as well as other members of the company, by sending them encouraging tweets. Brenda reflected, "Using Twitter, I can spend about thirty minutes per night developing the type of positive relationships it would take days and hours to do with lunch and coffee breaks."
Two days later, Brenda began her Twitter campaign. Much to her comfort, she found that most people in her target group had accounts. Some of Brenda's tweets were as follows:
"You're doing great. It's a pleasure to work for the same employer as you." (Sent to everybody on her list of company employees with Twitter accounts.)
"Carpal tunnel syndrome can cure itself. Sweat it out." (Sent to input clerk on medical leave with carpal tunnel syndrome.)
"You are simply the best leader. Can learn from you." (Sent to company CEO)
"You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day." (Sent to all four mailroom workers.)
"Love ya baby, but put on some speed." (Sent to her administrative assistant.)
"Can't live without you. Wouldn't want to." (Sent to a member of the tech support staff.)
One of the tweet recipients said to another, "Brenda is so cool these days. She's leading by tweet." Another one of these tweet recipients said to another, "Have you seen what Brenda is doing with her Twitter account? She's given me another good reason not to check Twitter every day."

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Brenda's tweeting will have a limited effect on her leadership effectiveness. She has been asked by her CEO to touch the lives of employee and be a bigger influence. Instead she is sending out complimentary messages. For leadership effectiveness Brenda has to provide intellectual stimulation to employees. She must become a role model for fellow employees. Brenda has been sending positive remarks to employees, but what she needs to do is to show genuine appreciation for things that employees have achieved. Instead of sending tweets, she should listen ...

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