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IT: Business Metrics, IT-based Risks

1. What are some ways that you could help link your organization's business metrics to your IT department? Which approach to establishing a business measurement program in IT would you use in your organization? Explain your choice.

2. Discuss the IT-based risks that your organization faces, or an organization for which you worked previously. Were these risks managed in an effective, holistic manner? Explain your answer. Create a risk management framework for the organization and discuss how you would use this framework to improve the organization's risk management capabilities.

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1. One of the primary ways that I could help link my organization's business metrics to my IT department, would be by establishing the business metrics that would be utilized for the entire organization within a standard operational procedures manual, and provide this manual to IT leadership. In this way IT leadership will have a keen understanding of the business metrics that are utilized by the organizational leadership, which will provide them with information as to how the IT department progress will be measured and analyzed. Knowledge of how the IT department progress will be measured and analyzed will be passed on from IT leadership to IT staff members, so that these individuals will know the standards by which the organization will be measured overall, the standards that the IT department will be measured by, and subsequently the standards that the individual staff member productivity in the completion of their duties will be measured by. It is also pertinent that all departmental leadership is provided with this metrics information so that there will be an one standard by which all departments, and subsequently the overall organization will be measured by, by senior organizational leadership in making the determination as to the level of proficiency of the organization as a whole in achieving its goals and objectives. It would also be pertinent for me as senior leadership to provide IT departmental leadership with continuous information on how the percentage change in IT effectiveness and efficiency subsequently affects other departments within the organization, and why it is paramount that this ...