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Pembina Pipeline Corportation Case Study

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This question relates to the case study "Pembina Pipeline Corporation", by Ken Mark and Alexandra Hurst, from 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (Ivey Management Services, 2001), on page 238-241.

The questions asked are:
As Patrick Walsh, what would you do next?
How would you structure your media release?
What other steps should you take?

Please provide guidance that can be used as a starting point for completion of this assignment.

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Solution Summary

This solution provides a guide for what the president of a company should do when a disaster strikes, based off of the case study on 'Pembina Pipeline Corporation'.

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Pipeline Case Study:

The first question is what Walsh would do next. As the case study indicated, Walsh knew that his first priority was to the people of the town. He had to get the spill cleaned up and with as little economic and health casualties to the town (or his company and its shareholders). His initial press release needs to address these concerns. It should talk about: his concern for the community, the actions that have already been taken to contain and clean up the spill and the ...

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