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    Floundering Expatriate Case Study Analysis

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    Attached a case study " the case of the floundering expatriate " A few questions need to be answered on the case.

    Analysis of the case should be done talking about the players, The Issues , Recommendations , and the Possible Solutions.

    Should be about 3-4 pages in total. It is a bit urgent would like it by 6pm EST (Feb 8 2005.) about 5 hours from now. thanks.

    "Case attached in word format"

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    Bill Loun: He has recommended and sent Bert Davidson, and has paid glowing tributes to his competence.
    Frank Waterhouse CEO Argos Diesel:- He is interested in the success of the European team building effort because his own career is dependend on the success of Bert Davidson and his strategy.
    Bert Davidson: He is the subject of the case study. He has been sent to built Argos team in the Europe and he has done an indifferent job. He has glowing reviews from a Cairo University but has not been able to perform well in Europe. He also has family problems, like his wife does not have a job and his daughter has performed poorly and is likely to have problems getting admission in top colleges. If he is fired his career is likely to be finished.
    Paul Jannsen:- V.P. Human Resource: He has not kept Waterhouse properly informed about the problems which Bert has been facing in team building.
    The need to build the European team of Argos.
    The need for the company to meet its financial goals.
    Cultural sensitivity to bring about European integration.
    There is poor organization in general leading to conflicts and lack of coordination. In addition there are demands from some quarters that Davidson should be removed. In addition there is certainty that if Davidson continued at this postion there would be a collapse of the plan for team building.
    The process needed at Argos is of influencing a group of diverse individuals, each with their own goals, needs, and perspectives, to work together effectively for the good of the project such that their team will accomplish more than the sum of their individual efforts could otherwise achieve. Helping team members function effectively to achieve goals. An effort to increase the effectiveness of work teams by improving interpersonal processes, goal clarification, and role clarification. An ...