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This post addresses the Prudhoe Bay Oil spill case.

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Attached is a case on BP America, Inc. Write an analysis in which the following questions are answered, using no outside research:

1. Regardless of the spill's cause(s), what does this situation do to BP's corporate image?

2. Throughout the events involved in the leak incident, who are the key stakeholders?

3. What can BP do in the way of public relations damage control?

For some reason I am not able to attach the pdf of the case. It is "BP America, Inc: The Prudhoe Bay Oil Spill and a Commitment to "Being Green"

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The solution provides all case question answers to the following case: BP America, Inc: The Prudhoe Bay Oil Spill and a Commitment to Being Green.

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I found your same case here, in case you need to use it for reference purposes:


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1. Regardless of the spill's cause(s), what does this situation do to BP's corporate image?
Using only the information provided in the case, there are a few main problems in this case that deal directly with corporate image. By far, the biggest problem is noted on page four, where John Devens, the executive director of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council was quoted as saying "I think many of us are seriously concerned about the aging and deterioration of the pipeline and the facilities." He goes on to further state that in recent months, additional concerns were expressed regarding the general state of the pipelines, mainly due to the corrosion that is present on the almost thirty-year old pipelines.

Let's look at why this is significant to corporate image. We now know that it is documented that officials recognized there was a problem. It can also be assumed that if the corrosion worsened, there was the potentiality for additional problems, as expressed in the concern of the officials -- yet nothing was done. No action was taken at the time, even though we have proof of a situation needing immediate attention. Tied into this, the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, who is responsible for maintaining the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, came forthright in stating that they had sufficient money and resources for damaged pipelines, and to cover all responsibilities that they have. We now have both parties responsible who (1) acknowledge the problem, and (2) do nothing to fix or stop the problem from worsening.

Corporate image is not only how your customers see you, but it's also how you handle the processes within your company. These factors combined work to define the type of image the company shows to their customers. In this case, we can also observe another strike against the company's image in their actions previous to knowing of the corrosive situation. BP officials previously acknowledged that "the quality ...

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