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Leadership Experience for Campus/State Event

To serve as leader/co-leaders for entertainment portion such as Chinese Spring13 Festival at any campus in the state to develop and execute a plan for the overall leadership experience.


- Brief explanation of what the benefits are from getting involved in such an event for leadership experience and why you chose this particular experience.

- Statement of the experience leadership vision (what you want to achieve and why it's important) and 2-3 goals for this experience.

5 categories in the event

1. Food. (400-500 meal to serve)
2. Money. (Sponsor and donation inside-outside campus to reach budget $2500-3000)
3. Performance. (Around 8 shows such as singing, dance, Chinese traditional music...)
4. Decoration. (Writing names in Chinese, etc...)
5. Advertisement. (Sending e-mail to attend the event, Ad in campus/union, and local TV/newspaper to cover the event.

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I chose to serve as project leader for the entertainment portion of the Chinese Spring13 Festival as a way to develop leadership as well as work with others to develop a sense of community. As a project leader I will be responsible for organizing the entertainment portion of the festival. This will involve finding appropriate entertainers, arranging for their performance, handling the logistics involved, and ensuring that all goes well. It will be important to communicate with the other leaders of the event and coordinate activities. It will also be important in developing enthusiasm for the event to select entertainers that will engage the audience and publicize their participation. The Chinese Spring13 Festival is a great way to be involved in the campus, develop leadership, and enhance the community.

Chinese Spring Festival is one the grandest and most important festivals for Chinese people, but at the same time it gives our campus and community an opportunity to celebrate the New Year and learn more about Chinese ...

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This solution gives an explanation of the benefits of getting involved in a campus leadership experience, the goals to achieve,and the vision of the experience.