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Leadership Theories and Organizational Behaviour

A. The Management textbook describes three different types of leadership theories: early, contingency, and contemporary. Which of these leadership theories is the most complementary with your view of leadership and its place in management?

B. How can an understanding of organizational behavior help a manager improve employee job satisfaction and decrease turnover? What factors must be considered when gauging job satisfaction?

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When considering the different leadership theories out other today, the contingency theory meshes best with my view of leadership and its role in the workplace.

The early theory can still be relevant when managing lower-skilled workers, but routine and remedial tasks are disappearing at a rapid pace in our civilization. Lower skill tasks are being outsourced to enterprising entrepreneurs. Routine tasks are being mechanized by technology. Manufacturing is being handled abroad. Service jobs are slowly becoming the norm in modern society. As such, with a higher skilled, more educated, and more employable workforce, few employees enjoy the military-esque style of management typical of early theory.

The contemporary theory of management does ...

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Leadership theories and organizational behaviors are given. The factors to consider when gauging job satisfaction are determined.