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Traits of An Effective Leader

Looking back across your employment to date, take a moment to reflect back on someone whom you consider to be an effective leader. What style of leadership did this individual possess? What were some of the attributes that assisted them in their role as leader? Was there anything they could have done to improve their leadership skills?

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As I reflect on previous experiences I've had in the past, I can recall one leader in my organization that made quite an impression on me. We'll refer to her as "Linda." I've had the opportunity to work in the medical field for over 11 years. During that time I worked with two office managers (Linda and Joanna) from two different organizations. In 2001, I worked for an internal medicine facility and 2003 I worked for a gynecologist. If I had to compare and contrast the effectiveness of their leadership styles I must admit that both leaders were effective in their own way. Joanna took on an authoritarian or autocratic style of leadership. "Some of the appropriate conditions to use an authoritative leadership style is when you have all the information to solve a problem, you are short on time, and your employees are well motivated" (Clark, 2010).

Joanna was responsible for managing four internal medicine branches. She would visit our branch for a couple of hours a day. In that time frame she would delegate tasks. Unfortunately Joanna spent most of her time informing staff members of what ...

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