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Difference between effective and ineffective leaders

I need help locating two articles (please give article location), one describing an effective public leader and the other describing an ineffective public leader. I also need help analyzing the traits and styles of both leaders, to determine which traits and styles make them effective or ineffective.

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Questions to ask about effective leadership.

Where others see challenges, do you see opportunity?
? As others are struggling to find top talent, do you attract and retain the best and the brightest?
? When others drag to work, do you create a joyous workplace of energetic expectancy?
? While others manage by force and pressure, do you inspire, motivate, and empower?
? When others pigeon hole staff, do you learn from ...

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Articles and ideas on the differences in leaders and leadership styles. The differences here are focused on those that are effective and those who are ineffective or have limited reputations in their fields. Articles on leaders such as Jack Welch, John Major, and Donald Trump.