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    Human Resource Management

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    In what type of organization do you think your leadership style would be most effective, and in what organization would it be least effective? Compare and contrast these two types of organizations.

    Research and post your review of an internet article regarding effective versus ineffective leadership styles/techniques.

    How does a manager's leadership style influence his or her effectiveness in the workplace? Provide a specific example

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    // In this paper, we will study the importance of leadership style for an organization. We will also discuss the difference between effective and ineffective style of leadership. A Manager's leadership style surely influences and leaves an impact in the workplace and influences his sub-ordinates.//

    The leadership styles are of various types and they differ from organization to organization. Every organization has its own sets of rules, policies and cultures. Democratic leadership or the participative style is the leadership style wherein, the employees in an organization are motivated to work better and to participate in the decision making process in the organization. This benefits not only the organization, but the employees also as they have a sense of responsibility, good morale level and excellent team spirit with increased work efficiency.

    This leadership style will be most effective in those organizations, which value their human resource as assets and not as mere laborers or workers. Generally, organizations, which have an informal work culture, follow this leadership style. On the other hand, in the firms where rules and policies are in the forefront and the employees are treated as servants. It is ineffective in those organizations wherein team work or team effort is minimal.

    In the organization, where democratic leadership is effective and is practiced is an organization which believes in the organizational welfare and values the employees of the firm. The firm has a culture of motivating its employees to infuse care and team work. In this organization, task is allocated to teams. The team work in the corporation is high due to the work assignments. The employees are motivated ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1068 words with references.