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    Employee Motivation and Key Elements of Leadership

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    The specific case study questions asked by the student were:
    1. Determine how you would keep your employees motivated to do the best job they could. Provide specific examples to support your response.
    2. Determine the key elements of leadership you would need to be successful in your business venture. Explain your rationale.

    Specific examples, such as employee recognition and incentive plans, are detailed to support the first question. With the second question, examples of both good and bad leadership elements are discussed. In total, the solution includes over 400 words.

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    1. In today's depressed economic climate, organizations may not have the financial resources to provide employees with cash bonuses or monetary incentives as they did in the past. Compensation is often a very popular motivator connected to employee performance, but there are other ways employers can entice employees to do their best. Recognition by peers can be an inexpensive, yet valuable way, to motivate. Some employers utilize an internal nomination process, whereas employees may recommend each other for performance "above and beyond" typical job duties. The "prize" may be something as inexpensive and simple ...

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    This is a two-part case study on employee motivation and leadership in the workplace. Motivation is a vital factor in obtaining and maintaining employee commitment to performing the best job possible. There are several ways to promote motivation, through recognition of a job well done, to creating a bonus system. Key elements in being an effective leader include avoiding a mentality of "do as I say - not as I do". Employees want leaders who exhibit the behavior and qualities that they expect in their employees. This solution is over 400 words and thoroughly addresses each case question.