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Failures in Leadership

I could use a few ideas in the topic of the causes and consequences of failure in leadership, as well as the lessons that can be learned from such incidents, for a paper I am writing. Any references you can also provide would be appreciated.

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One of the most dynamic relationships in organizations is the relationship established over a period of time between leaders and their subordinates. Theorists suggest that leaders maintain a role of authority that demands respect from their subordinates however leaders do not necessarily have to be liked just respected. It's been my experience that leaders fail as a result of trying to befriend staff members instead of maintaining a code of conduct that requires a separation from the job and personal relationships. For example, physicians who develop relationships with nurses or administrative staff of his or her facility may be considered unethical and unprofessional. In many aspects leaders should refrain from personal work place relationships.

According to Carol A. Rusaw (2001) 'the leadership and subordinate relationships are based on role transactions in which the leader asks or demands specific tasks to confirm his or her role of authority; the subordinate or follower fulfils the request to satisfy legitimate obligations' (Rusaw, 2001).

In some cases the leadership-subordinate relationships become tainted if a leader abuses his or her authority through coercive tactics. For instance employees from Wal-Mart claim that management tried to coerce employees into keeping their mouths shut about unfair practices that recently sparked outrage during Black Friday when employees threated to walk out on one of the most busiest days of the year (Fox, 2012). Another coercive tactics leaders may have used in the past may include exchange for sexual favors. This scenario occurred when 'two police officers were accused of using their position to elicit sexual favors' (Sulzberger and Eligon, 2010).

Leadership failure exists when leaders are unable to inspire employees. All leaders are not considered good ...

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