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    Organizational Leadership and Director of Change

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    After many years of experience in lower and middle management roles, the scope of your responsibilities now broaden in your newly acquired position as Director of Change Management with Iron WorX, Inc. a mid-sized manufacturing company.

    Citing "the challenging economic environment," the company consolidated its operations, eliminated approximately 43 percent of its total workforce and closed three manufacturing plants earlier this year. While downsizing was a necessary means for the company to cut costs, the company is now suffering from the fall-out of the poorly devised restructuring plan.

    Iron WorX, Inc. produces iron castings, focusing on transportation, construction, agriculture and industrial markets worldwide. The markets served are wide and diversified, including automotive, truck, agriculture, construction, hydraulics, and a host of other specialties. For several years the company was relatively successful, but now it is in a slump. Team members are working harder than ever before but profits are going nowhere. Decreased product demand means that business is slow and the pressure to improve performance is felt by each team member and every department. Team members are concerned about employment stability and the likelihood of future opportunities.

    Your new position serves as a tremendous opportunity for you to gain valuable experience. The position of Director of Change Management is also a newly created position in the company, so roles and responsibilities are loosely defined. The stakes are high and immediate results are critical to the future of the company. The company has seen its share of "changes" and is in need of real solutions that will provide both short term and long term results. Any new changes must increase efficiency and create more trust among team members, as well as cooperation between departments. In the weeks to come, there will be several challenges and opportunities as you become acclimated to the company's current organizational climate and work to understand the short term and long term needs of the organization in order to propose effective solutions.

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    The transition that a company goes through when downsizing can be very difficult. The difficulty is heightened when success is not seen immediately. As the Director of Change Management, it is my duty to get to the root of the problem. The fact that this is a new position gives me latitude to formulate creative ideas that can help hasten this transition for the good of everyone involved. In order to fully integrate the changes that have been thrust upon the employees of Iron WorX it is important to look these changes at the various levels of affect.

    Individual Challenges
    As Iron WorX began their plans to downsize, they knew that they wanted to develop more focused and consolidated work groups in order to facilitate productivity utilizing the reduced workforce as efficiently as possible. Individually employees expressed concern over the new developments, because past change had worsening results. Some people have difficulty accepting change; these people are known as laggards, because they desire to stick to older methods (Scheid, 2012). Other ...

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