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Culture, Communication, Leadership Styles, and Trust

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Imagine you are a management consultant. You have been hired by BP Oil company to analyze their communications and leadership. You have been asked to submit a final report to the executive team with your findings including the following:

1. A description of the company's communication structure and identify ways that culture has influenced the structure.
2. A discussion of the barriers to communication that may arise when leading diverse teams. Identify specific methods for overcoming those barriers and develop a high performing team.
3. An analysis of the various leadership styles and different types of leaders.
4. An assessment of the level of trust in the organization and make recommendations for improvement.
5. Recommendations for motivating the workforce that are clearly based on motivational theory.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2267 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2267 words with references.

// Communication structure plays an important role in company. In this paper, we will discuss the communication structure of BP Oil Company and the impact of culture on the communication structure of the company. The styles related to communication and leadership are also very crucial, so we will also discuss them in the first part of this paper.//

BP Oil Company was established on April 4th in the year 1909. It is an integrated oil and gas company. The company is supplies fuel, energy lubricants and petrochemicals products for every day item such as paints, clothes and packaging. BP Oil Company operates in two segments of business and that is refining and marketing and exploration and production. The segment of exploration and production is responsible and accountable for renewing its base of resources by the ways of exploration and appraisal. The division of development is accountable for the safe and secure execution of wells drilling. On the other hand the second segment of the company that is, the refining and marketing is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, transportation, refining and supply and trading of crude oil, petrochemicals products and associated services to the retailers and the wholesalers (BP PLC (BP), 2013).

BP Oil Company is one of the leading companies of oil and gas. This company has made tremendous growth from a local oil company into a global energy group. For any organization the communication of information plays a vital role. It is only through communication that useful information can be passed from one department to another. If the structure of communication is not enough efficient than the information will be delayed which will results in serious consequences. The problem of communication becomes more complex at the time of crisis and Consistency (Crisis Communication, 2010).The oil spill in the year 2010 had highlighted the poor communication strategy of the company. Therefore, it is very important for the company to formulate correct communication strategy. In the organization, both verbal and written communication is practiced. The communication structure of the company is not so effective. To make it effective and efficient, the communication system of the organization requires some improvement.

The communication strategies of an organization are usually implemented in an environment which is stable so that the communication process can be monitored and can be observed constantly. This is a well known fact that the environments are not always stable and in this situation, organizations have to face drastic and controversial situations. When this kind of situation arises, organizations require a careful strategic positioning and fast response. But there are certain events that are difficult and complex to control despite of the fact that the company has tried to build a stable environment and was attentive and vigil to the external factors, there are chances that the company will end up in crisis (Lindoso, 2012).

//In the preceding section, the discussion will be based on the barriers of communication which can arise in the diverse teams, and their impact on diverse teams will also be discussed. This section will also focus on the techniques for overcoming the barriers of communication, so that a high performance team can be developed//

Effective communication is only possible when there are fewer barriers to the communication. Communication between teams is very complex and challenging for the manager of the organization because, the process of communication can be hindered by various factors and one of the most frequent factor is the culture. The cultural barriers arises when the individuals in an ...

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