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Leadership in the Public Sector

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Describe leadership methods and theories that may lead to an effective culture in the public sector.

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The solution discusses the leadership in the public sector.

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The foundations of any organization are those leaders that are in position and how they cultivate the work culture that impacts employee performance. The theory of leadership has many different meanings and categories of leaders that one can assimilate to based on traits, behaviors, and other attributes that one may possess. In saying this, three common types of leadership is that of transactional, transformational, and servant. Below we'll discuss leadership styles/methods that may lead an effective culture in the public sector.

Transactional, transformational, and servant leadership share many similarities and differences in how they approach followership by employees. According to Babou (2008), transactional leaders are defined as those leaders that approach followers with an eye to exchanging one thing for another (service), whereas transformational leaders recognize and exploit an existing need or demand of a potential follower and looks for potential motives in followers. However, servant leadership is different in that these leaders are servants first and often don't push organizational goals on employees. Additionally, this leadership style deviates from traditional models in that ...

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