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Trust - A Key Leadership Ingredient

I would like assistance in answering the 4 Discussion Question at the end of the attached case study. Two to three short paragraphs per question is sufficient.

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1. A problem associated with trust that might be expected when consolidating five school districts, is the fact that the teachers and administrators from these different districts do not know one another very well, which can result in an initial atmosphere of distrust. This mistrust can cause a lack of communication between the five district's teachers and administrative staff, as well as a reluctance to fully propose their ideas to one another.

Another very probable problem is the fact that the staff of each district may think that the administrators and staff from the other districts are seeking the majority of the financial and material resources for their schools. This can result in a situation in which each of the five districts are competing with one another for resources instead of engaging in constructive dialogue with one another.

2. One of the key advantages of hiring outside negotiators to be ...