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Change Management

Technological innovation.

Research the topic of technological innovation and submit four page overview of your findings. Include in your research at least two of the following topics. 1. Creative disruptions (disruptive technology) 2. Impact of technology innovation on social change 3. Technology risks 4. Leading/managing innovation 5. Commerciali

Initiating and implementing change within an organization

Steps, Roles, & Challenges Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

GASB Statement No 56: Essence, Need, Changes, Summary

* When was GASB Statement No. 56 initiated? * In your own words, what is the essence of the new ruling? * Why did the GASB probably deem it as being necessary? * How might GASB Statement No. 56 change the activities of any accountant performing governmental accounting?

Managing Change on a Project

Please answer the following questions about project management. How does a project leader decide when a requested change is worthy the trouble of implementation? How would you justify a difficult change to your project team? How would you explain to your stakeholders that you cannot accommodate a requested change?

Evaluation of an On-Going Change Effort

The case study questions: What techniques and strategies could be used to evaluate the on-going progress of the change effort? Should the evaluation incorporate quantitative and qualitative methods? Why might one method be preferred over the other? The solution thoroughly addresses each question, utilizing a call cente

Research for Change Management Plan

Assume you have been chosen to develop and direct a Change Management Plan for your business (an immature organization). 1. Conduct research using the Internet and identify the type of software or management tools that you would utilize to help with each of the major steps in developing the plan. Summarize the software/su

Organizational Barriers To Change: T/F question

In an organization, its members, are prone to inertia and are slow to learn, adapt, and change. There are various reasons for these behaviors; called barriers to change. One such barrier results when people have vested interests in the status quo. True or false?

Principle Of Self-Reference

Do you agree with the principle of self-reference? In other words, do you believe that if people know where the organization is trying to go, they will make decisions that support the desired organizational outcome? To successfully implement change, leaders pay careful attention to each stage in the eight-stage model for chan

Management: Organizational Culture and Change

Please read the attachment and address the following expectation: The article describes what the leadership team of Home Depot did to change the company's culture. 1. Analyze the steps that the team took to make the change. 2. Explain what the whole change was about and why it is considered so successful. 3. Select

Organizational Structure, Culture, and Change

Identify the main types of traditional and horizontal organization structure. Using an organization of your choice as an example how is the structure of the organization a reflection of its environment (including national culture), its goals and competences?

Mangement Analysis: Entity Relationship Diagram

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD): What is the purpose of ERD? Can you explain using the below scenario? How can this be used to enhance my business? AlohaPets put on events for local pet owners. The company needs a database designed to keep track of the sponsor for the event and where the event is located. Each event needs a

Organizational Change for Smart Pump IV Technology

Based on the scenario of introducing smart pump IV technology answer the following questions? 1. Describe possible organizational and individual barriers to change. 2. Identify possible factors that may influence the change.

Reasons for Resistance to Change and Shifting Resistance

Focus on possible reasons for resistance to change, and how that resistance might be shifted. To do this: - Examine Lowe's home improvement for examples of resistance to change. List at least two examples - Compare those examples against the theory on resistance to change - Determine what might be going on in the organizat

Organizational Resistance to Change

Locate two organizational real world case studies where organizations faced resistance to change. Examine the kind of resistance, reasons, and possible solutions utilizing models found in scholarly academic journals. Provide responses with relevant examples and citations.

The Concord Bookshop: Organizational Change

After reading the attached "Tales of Woe at Concord Bookshop" 1. Discuss the phases in the organizational change process. 2. Describe 2 to 3 phases of the organizational change process that were not completed or implemented at the Concord Bookshop that lead to the change failure.

Plans Impacting Organizational Change

Locate and review two scholarly resources to discuss ways in which planning impacts organizational change. Analyze the studies for communication failures and summarize the reasons behind the failures. Also explain how you avoid failure, and repair or rebuild communication channels to facilitate change in a similar situation.

Models of Change

Compare and contrast various models of change. Based on your experience in organizations and your scholarly reading, which model has the widest application in organizational scenarios? Why? Are there any specific industries which rely more on one model than another? Substantiate your responses from your readings and with relevan

Organizational Change in Publicly Traded Companies

Pick out two publicly traded companies and a mutual change that both have undergone in the last 5 years. In 1 page, please specify the names of the two companies along with a brief write-up on the changes you will be comparing in the two companies. Be sure to pick two companies which have undergone some type of fairly substantia

The Impact of Healthy Organizational Change

Create an annotated bibliography in APA format of three to four research studies discussing the impact of healthy organizational change on employee motivation. Analyze the studies and comment on whether the theoretical principles of change management hold true in a real world environment. Substantiate your responses with relevan

Organizational Change, Balance, Learning and Stakeholders

James, I need your help and guidance with the following questions. 1) Why do organizations decline? What steps can organizational leaders take to halt decline and restore organizational growth? 2) What is organizational change? Describe and explain the forces for and resistances to organizational change. 3) What is the

Organizational Change including Workforce Downsizing

1) Think of a change that occurred at your place of employment or in a company with which you are familiar. What events occurred during the change? Where do they fall on the change transition curve? 2) Imagine you work for a large corporation that is reducing its workforce. What factors may have occurred that would lead to

Arizona Public Service: Implementing Change in a Coal Fire Plant

You have been put in charge of implementing change for a particular process within your organization where the goal is to reduce costs. Identify a process that you wish to improve. What changes would you make? How would you make them? What cost savings could be realized? How would you measure your results?

Implementing Changing Evaluations for Walgreen's

Develop Part II of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change. Part II of your organizational change plan focuses on strategies for implementing the proposed change. 1. Describe the methods that will be used to monitor implementation of your proposed change. 2. Examine the relationship between the organization's

Five Subsystems of Organizational Change

1. What are the the five subsystems in organizational change? Explain what they mean. Why? 2. Use a time at work when your organization went through these stages. 3. Explain, based on your organization, a socio-technical system and its five components. 4. Based on your organization, compare and contrast managerial effi

Managing Organizational Change and Pressure

1. Discuss environmental pressures for change. Identify each type of environmental pressure. 2. Discuss internal organizational pressures for change. Identify each type of internal pressure for change. 3. Discuss the difference between first and second order changes.

Discussion: Managing Organizational Change

Discussion: - Explain why change models are useful. - As a manager and/or change agent, discuss why understanding readiness for change is important? List and discuss 3 ways you can determine readiness for change within an organization. - Compare and contrasts 3 reasons why people resist change. Then, compare and contrast 3