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Management: Organizational Culture and Change

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Please read the attachment and address the following expectation:

The article describes what the leadership team of Home Depot did to change the company's culture.

1. Analyze the steps that the team took to make the change.

2. Explain what the whole change was about and why it is considered so successful.

3. Select two tools that the company used and that you consider most important and explain your choice.

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of HR Planning, leadership, and organizational change. The response also contains the sources used.

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Step 1
Analyze the steps that the team took to make the change.
The first step that the leadership team took was to demonstrate the change through personal leadership. The team encouraged the employees and also gave them deadlines. The leadership team encouraged accountability through own behavior. They also used a number of tools to change the company culture. These tools were designed to change people's behavior, beliefs, social interactions, and the nature of decision making. Specifically, the leadership developed a set of metrics that changed the behavior of the employees. Next the leadership team changed the processes by which work was done at Home depot. These processes were the manner in which work was being done at Home Depot. The next set of change was the setting up of programs that create support for and support the new culture. These programs point out the effectiveness of the new culture. Finally, the team changed the organizational structure providing a background for the new culture to grow and changing how decision is made. One critical structural change that was made by the team was to introduce centralized purchasing. Centralized purchasing was important for pushing down costs and increasing gross margins. The leadership team got the top executives involved in decision making. The formation of the centralized purchasing department signaled that there was a movement towards a more centralized company. An important step in organizational change at Home Depot was the setting up of learning forums for district and store managers. Competitive simulation and role-playing exercises were introduced. These were designed to change the culture of the company. One of the most important steps that were taken related to holding persons accountable to ...

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