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This post addresses if organizational culture can be changed

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Changing organization culture also depends upon whether the current culture is strong or weak. Strongly grounded cultures are difficult to change however; there are factors that can be put in place to denote a change is coming. For example, recall whenever you were faced with a new organizational leader, for example, CEO, VP, President, Director or even manager. In these instances employees are postured to anticipate change. However, if the "new" leader does not implement and/or show signs of change within the first 90 days, employees may tend to relax and continue with status quo.

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In your opinion, can organization culture be changed, and, if so...how?

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The solution provides a detailed discussion determining if organizational culture can be changed and how it can be changed.

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The above scenario is true. When we hear about new CEOs taking over companies, the very first thing that we hear is about everything the CEO plans to change, once they take over their new position. CEOs bring change 99.9% of the time, and they begin to work on those changes as soon as they're in the company, so that employees don't become complacent and believe that the "old way" of doing things will remain the same way with the new leader. To be the most effective, leaders in any position, including everyone from the CEO of a company to the President of the United ...

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