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    Terrorism and how it affects society

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    Offers a few paragraphs and references on how terrorism, in general, affects society.

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    If you mention increased social solidarity, one article agrees:

    Ahmed Abdur Rashid, S. (2011). THE EMERGING PHENOMENA OF POST-9/11. Political Theology, 12(5), 752-761.

    The author encourages us to "meet the challenge of a post-9/11 world filled with bigotry, prejudice and racism by putting our values into practice for the betterment of humanity" (752). He also insists, "But
    in reality, one cannot always separate the political from the personal, the religious from the social. In fact, political issues, as an external reality, can and have provided us with many opportunities for a more transcendent personal and world view" (753).

    The article also addresses the post-911 racism of Muslims as he suggests, "The average Muslim was, and to a large ...

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    References are also provided to justify the assertions on how terrorism affects society.