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    Financial Interdiction and Role of Intelligence in terrorism

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    How effective is financial interdiction and investigation?

    What is the role of intelligence in prevention of terrorism?

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    Interdiction and Investigation

    An interdiction is the process of putting in place a legal sanction to forbid and prohibit activities and can sanctioned legally by the government via the courts and via legislation. The case of suspected terror groups, terrorists and their network, an interdiction can be used to prevent them from performing certain actions and activities that might lead to dire consequences for the public. For example, certain individuals and terror groups can be banned from flying into US soil while certain individuals already in US soil can face interdiction and be banned from certain locations or doing certain activities. In the UK ...

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    The topics of financial interdiction and investigation is discussed pertaining to their effectiveness. Additionally the role of intelligence in prevention of terrorism is also explored. References are listed, a word-version is also attached.