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Agility: Product Change and Organizational Structure

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Please explain and illustrate why SONY Corp has been known for its agility. Describe/relate its product to agility and structure/culture.

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Sony Corp and its leaders are visionaries. They are not afraid to take risks and to shut down what is not working or has run its product life cycle. The leaders are motivated to go where the company needs to go in terms of people, products, and innovations.

Sony Corp is known for taking risks on new ideas and products. The company's Walkman, the perennial product that gained much of the company's growth, was among the very first to be able to download music from the internet. It made Sony synonymous with innovation and music, while giving it a firm path into the digital age. However, when the Walkman had slowed to nearly no growth status, Sony cut the operations and employees as a way to cut costs and streamline the company.

The company is also known as the first major Japanese company to invite employees ...

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The solution discusses why SONY Corp has been known for its agility.

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